Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

This version showcases a complete redesign of the Show browser, making it much easier for users to organize their work.


Drag Objects onto Plot
In previous versions, the only way to add a new Object was to open it in the Inventory and tap the + button. This would add the Object to the Plot in the center of the screen, and the user could drag it from there.

Now, the user can drag the Object from the creator view directly to the Plot, positioning it exactly where they want it to go, and when they release it, the Object will be added. This applies to all built-in LD objects that can be added to the Plot (Unit, Rail, Lift, Gel), as well as all Crescit objects (Lighting Fixture, Gel, Gobo).

In addition, dragging an Object over that same type of Object on the Plot will allow the user to swap the dragged Object for the other Object, the same way they can tap the swap button in the creator view.

And when dragging a Gel, dropping that Gel over a Unit will add the Gel to the Unit.

Multi-change text label position and orientation
User can multi-select objects and change their text label positions together

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in which a detail table would try to refresh a row when that section had been collapsed by the user. This bug resulted in lots of crashes, so should mean a big stability improvement.

When Units are swapped, the new one tries to adopt the beam angle of the old one (within the limits of the new Unit’s beam spread). However, this logic resulted in problems when the new Unit had a set of fixed beam spreads, such as a Source Four with its barrels or a Par Can with its bulbs. Instead, the user can now choose the new fixed Unit’s beam, and swap it with any other Unit without problems displaying the new one.

Gobos on the Plot would not invert their images in response to the user changing the view mode between Light and Dark