New Features   |   Bug Fixes

Bug fixes, performance improvements, and UI tweaks. Also converted all int variables to NSInteger in compliance with Xcode 5.1 and iOS 7.1 guidelines.

New Features

Previously, the user would have to tap the same button to create and dismiss a popover. This was to allow them to re-position the workspace underneath; however, this behavior is inconsistent with Apple’s use of popovers. Now, popovers are dismissed when the user taps anywhere outside of them.

Multiple-Object Replication
When multi-selected Objects are replicated, all new Objects are selected as a group.

Settings Mode
When user switches to Settings edit mode, the Plot is returned to its default state (like it appears when rendered) so that opacity changes can be observed better.

Bug Fixes

Detail Table Hierarchy Corruption
Opening the Objects detail table, then rapidly tapping two different objects on the Plot, would generate nested push operations and corrupt the navigation controller’s view hierarchy, causing two possible errors. Modified methods to prevent that from happening by assigning a boolean variable to each view controller, and instructing it to wait if it had already received a notification to push a view controller.

Label creation
An improperly-placed comment in the Label creation method would fail to assign a new Label to a Plot, so it would not show up in the Plot Labels table.

Favorites and Recent categories were not keeping their objects between launches. Re-wrote Inventory creation method.

Gear List
Note Objects and Favorites/Recents were appearing in the gear list for email.

Truck Objects
Longer Object names would push the Truck usage numbers out of the cell. Added method to truncate longer names.

Truck Objects
When removing Objects from the Truck, it was possible to remove all of one type, then continue to remove the next type of Object in the list, even though it wasn’t selected. Added method to ensure nullification of objectFromTruck variable when all of that type was removed.

Woman Object
Image for Woman Object was not centered.

Labels for Object
If the user was looking at an Object’s Labels, then selected an Object without any Labels, they would be able to swipe-delete the “no labels” cell.

Show List
Deselects current Plot when Show is selected.

Plot List
Fixed copy-paste typo in Plot list title during a search that read “# Shows” instead of “# Plots.”

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