New Features   |   Bug Fixes

New Features

Recommended Grip
In the interest of keeping the Truck neat and orderly, the recommended Grip objects for a new Inventory object are un-checked by default, and will not be automatically created unless they are checked. In a future version, I will include more Grip options, so it’s easier to add common hardware in multiple situations.

Multi-Object Labels
Made it easier to add Labels and assign Primary Labels to multiple objects. The Labels> detail table from the multi-selected object list now responds to the selection and de-selection of objects on the Plot, so you can customize their Labels without navigating back and forth.

Bug Fixes

Remote chance of a crash when selecting the [Templates] show, based on an outdated naming convention that slipped through the cracks.

Move Plot
Could not move a Plot into the [Templates] show because of an improperly written method in the table view.

Email to Crew
If there are no crew members in a Show or Plot, and it is selected for email, tapping the row that says “no crew for show/plot” would cause a crash.

Create Objects
Buggy UI and a slight possibility of a crash when using the previous/next object arrows in the Inventory.

Object Details
While navigating the relationships of your Plot objects via their detail tables, it was possible to mix up the navigation controller hierarchy enough that tapping an object on the Plot would cause a crash. The pop-and-push method controlling those transitions has been re-written in a much simpler way.

Device Rotation
On the iPhone, if you opened a modal view (like Inventory or detail table), then rotated the device, it would try to re-present the controller that was already visible, because of how the iPad treats those views (as popovers or sidebars). Adding a condition specifying iPad only fixed the problem.

User Guide
In a rare case, the User Guide could crash because of a property not being set yet.

Email Developer
Apple repurposed a system key to refer to the build number instead of the version number, so a less helpful number was listed on emails.