Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

This version is optimized for iOS 12, and includes a number of backend adjustments, including a transition from Fabric Answers to Google Firebase Analytics.


Crescit fill color
The Crescit LightShop Library is being updated continuously (fixture by fixture) with the information necessary to showing an object’s fill color, but be aware that the fixtures that are already on devices will not automatically update (they may in a future release). You will need to go to the fixture in the Crescit library and swap it with the old one on your Plot.

Exposure Calculation
I’ve made improvements to calculating f-stop for Crescit fixtures. Instead of the previous method (extrapolating from the baseline ISO 100, 100 foot-candles, 1/48th second equals f2.8) I’m using the mathematical formula N²/t = ES/C. This yields a more accurate result in a much more efficient way.

In the formula, C is the “meter calibration constant,” which determines whether the metering surface is treated as a flat disc or a hemisphere. The user can choose this in Display Settings. For more info, check out the section on Exposure.

Changes in exposure are also more responsive, and the “Draw while Dragging” setting applies to these; if on, the display will update as objects are moved, but performance will be slower.

Color Picker
Display Settings now allows the user to choose default Stroke and Fill colors for object creation; they can also be set in creation tables.

The Color Picker also adds default Black and White color buttons alongside the eight customizable presets.

Custom Gel color and transmission
Custom Gels can now have their transmission and color set by the user in the creation table. Gel stop loss conversion from transmission values have also been re-written for improved accuracy. Gels that are attached to Units will display their stop loss values in the Unit’s detail table (unless the Gel is hidden).

Plot objects
Swapped objects now also inherit the original object’s Stroke and Fill colors.

When objects are rigged to Units, they adopt the “parent” Unit’s colors as well.

Plot functions
Overall text size range expanded from 1/2x – 2x to 1/4x – 4x.

You can now cancel a Plot loading before it’s finished, in case you change your mind and don’t want to wait before closing it.

Most objects now display H/S/L indicators in detail tables.

Display Settings
Added “Rotate Plot with Device” to the settings table, as well as default Stroke and Fill colors, and color display mode.

Bug Fixes

Distance from a Unit to its target displays properly when zoomed out, and take height difference into account

Rails do not shift apparent location when zoomed out

Rail Stroke color button didn’t work in Stealth Mode

Fixed parsing of hexadecimal color values

Fixed an issue where setting a color could disrupt undo/redo function and potentially cause a crash

Setting absolute Y-position value in multi-selected objects tables was inverted (negative values became positive and vice versa)

Locked objects that are rigged to other objects will pass selection through to them when tapped (so you can rig onto Units and still treat them like one object)

Objects will not try to rig to objects that are hidden because of other objects’ Solo setting

When Objects are duplicated, their rigged Objects are transferred properly onto the new ones

Hidden Shape objects will not appear after switching edit mode

Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when flattening Floor Plan

When flipping device over (rotating 180º) the workspace counter-rotates properly

Fixed bug when adding object to Plot from Crescit “on device” table

Displays rig points on Crescit fixtures

Doesn’t display toolbars while loading Plot to avoid potential crash

Copied Show’s Plots do not add “copy” to their titles

Visible area does not change when locking and unlocking Plot