Bug Fixes

This is the last version of Lighting Designer compatible with iOS 6.

Bug Fixes

Show and Plot name
Shows and Plots would revert to old names unless the Done button on the keyboard was tapped. Now any change is saved, regardless of how the keyboard is dismissed.

Custom Crew
Could not select cells for editing in Custom Crew table. The table needed to be told to setEditing:YES when it was instantiated.

Rigged Objects
Objects did not account for Plot zooming when determining how to hold their position when rigged to another Object.

Resizing a Rail by its left end could result in erratic behavior. A variable was being set too late in the Gesture Recognizer target method, making it attempt to perform two actions at once.

Numerical adjustment in the detail table was not working properly. Cells were attempting to refresh themselves before they were done performing their changes (the same issue that occurred in the Background Image detail table, fixed in v2.0.3).

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