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One of the most-requested features since the beginning of LD has been the ability to add custom Units from a user’s own images. I took it a step further and now allow not only custom images, but full control over any Unit’s beam spread and light output, so you can calculate exposure for any fixture.

New Features

Custom Units
Now you can use your own images to create custom Units. Images must be created to certain specifications to guarantee good results, so please read the Custom Units Guide carefully.

Beam Setup
Any Unit can now have its beam fully customized using the Beam Setup table. This allows the user to find manufacturer’s light output specifications or take readings from a real fixture, and use LD to translate those into the proper values for exposure calculation. See the Beam Setup Guide for more info on how to use it.

Set your target exposure in foot-candles, lux, or f-stop for any Plot. If a Unit has light output values set, the beam it draws on the Plot will end at the Mid-Tone exposure, so it’s easy to see where target exposure falls.


Object Creators
The tables that you use to create objects have images at the top that can get in the way on smaller screens when you try to edit the table underneath. Now, the images move out of the way when the keyboard appears.

Now it’s easier to add Objects to Groups by dragging the crosshairs, rather than selecting first. There’s also a switch now that will determine whether a Group will be assigned as an Object’s Primary Group when it’s added. Group assignment will not change individual Objects’ hide/solo/lock properties any more; instead, display behavior is the only thing changed.

Units with spot-flood properties all display as sliders, so you can set an exact beam spread value. Units also default to a Linear dimming curve instead of Square Law. Dragging and snapping of objects has been improved and streamlined.

Show Detail
Improved grid layout and date-changing behavior for Shows.

Bug Fixes

Group descriptions would not be saved sometimes

Unit pointers would not switch colors when Stealth Mode was turned on or off for rendering

Potential crashes when modifying Truck or multi-Object table items

Fixed a problem that would cause Crescit Units to not import properly from exported Plots (the problem was with the import, so old exports will now import correctly)