New Features   |   Bug Fixes

This version of Lighting Designer is first and foremost a UI redesign for iOS 7. All icons and other graphical elements have been updated using Apple’s minimalist aesthetic and emphasis on content taking precedence over style. In addition, small improvements have been made and a few minor bugs have been fixed.

New Features

iOS 7 Optimized
This version is compatible with iOS 7 only. Users who have stayed with iOS 6 will have to update to iOS 7 before they can download this version; otherwise they can only upgrade as high as LD v2.0.4. Any devices more recent than, and including, the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 can run iOS 7.

Searchable Tables
Shows and Plots tables in the Browser are now searchable by title, just like the Inventory table.

Auto-Sizing Notes
Notes now automatically resize themselves to fit neatly around the text they contain. They expand to full size when they’re being edited.

Messages and Memory Warnings
Instead of appearing underneath the top bar, messages and memory warnings now display in place of the status bar, to keep them out of the way while plotting.

Photos Access
On the iPhone, if LD did not have Photos permission, the image picker would open but never initialize, leaving the user with a blank screen that was impossible to close. In this version, you will receive an alert if you have not allowed LD to access your Photos.

Show and Plot dates
Like the Calendar app, LD will now maintain the same number of days when you change your start date, but allow you to independently change your wrap date.

Bug Fixes

Background Image
When a background image was first selected, it would appear at a certain size, but then appear later at a different size. This was due to the image’s scale factor not being set when it was initially assigned to the background.

Notes rotation
Notes would not orient themselves correctly on the iPhone.

Shapes solo
Locked Shapes would not reappear after another Object was soloed.

Created By repeating in Plot detail
The “created by” field was repeating itself by adding the createdDate to the createdBy string.

User Guide
The User Guide now displays correctly on the iPhone. (As you can see.)

To report a bug or request a feature, please Contact the developer