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Once you’ve created a few Plots with Lighting Designer, you probably won’t need this at all. But who knows, you may find a feature listed here that you just haven’t thought to use, but is just what you need!

Plot Actions

Tap Menu button
(all cases) – open Plot menu (Close, Save Image, User Guide)

Tap Lock button
(all cases) – switch to Plot Layers edit mode, lock Plot

Tap Undo/Redo button
(all cases) – undo or redo most recent action

Drag Crosshairs button
(Unit selected) – set Unit angle/target object
(Note selected) – add pointer to object
(Group selected) – add object to Group/remove object from Group

Tap Replicate button
(all objects) – make one copy of object

Tap Delete button
(Unit, Rail, Lift selected) – trigger object Delete/Send to Truck confirmation
(Note, Shape selected) – trigger object Delete confirmation

Workspace Gestures

Single tap (one finger)
– deselect all

Double tap (one finger)
– zoom to fit

Double tap (two fingers)
– toggle Snap on/off

Double tap (three fingers)
– cycle Grid drawing mode (none, axes only, full grid)

Double tap (four fingers)
– cycle units of measurement (feet, yards, meters)

Four-Finger Press and Hold
– select all objects within the shape your fingers make

Rotation gesture (two fingers)
(objects selected) – rotate selected object


Press and hold the Command key to view available keystrokes on your device

Plot Editor
Cmd-W – Close Plot
Cmd-. – toggle Lock Plot
Cmd-#1-5 – switch to Edit Mode (Floor Plan, Lighting, DMX, Notes, Plot)
Cmd-I – show/hide detail table
Cmd-A – show all (zoom to fit)
Cmd-N – toggle Snap
Cmd-G – cycle Grid draw
Cmd-U – cycle units of measurement
Shift – toggle Multi-select (hold Shift and tap an object)
Cmd-Z – Undo
Cmd-Shift-Z – Redo
Cmd-X – Cut object(s)
Cmd-C – Copy object(s)
Cmd-V – Paste object(s)
Cmd-D – Duplicate object(s)
Cmd-H – Hide object(s)
Cmd-J – Solo object(s)
Cmd-L – Lock object(s)
Cmd-Delete – Delete object(s)
Cmd-Arrow Key – Nudge object(s) in screen direction
Option-Left/Right Arrow Key – Rotate object(s) counter-clockwise/clockwise

Color Picker
Cmd-#1-8 – Select stored color 1-8
Cmd-Option #1-8 – Assign stored color 1-8
Cmd-R – Revert to old color
Cmd-M – Change picker mode (color field, RGB, Hex, HSV)
Option-Left/Right Arrow Key – Alpha -/+
Cmd-Up/Down Arrow Key – (in RGB, Hex, HSV) choose slider
Cmd-Left/Right Arrow Key – (in RGB, Hex, HSV) adjust selected slider
Cmd-Arrow Key – (in color field) move color selector (hold Shift to move faster)

Plot Objects

These gestures work on all objects (Units, Rails, Lifts, Gels, Notes, Shapes)

Single Tap
(object is not selected) – select object
(other objects are multi-selected) – Add to selected objects
(object is one of several selected objects) – deselect object

Double Tap
(object is not selected) – turn multi-select ON + select object

Press and Hold
(any case) – open Hide/Solo/Lock menu

(nothing selected OR object is the only selected object) – move object
(object is one of several selected objects) – move all selected objects


Drag Crosshairs
(crosshairs over empty space) – set Unit angle
(crosshairs over another Unit) – selected Unit targets highlighted object


Pinch Rail
(Snap is OFF) – Set Rail length to any number
(Snap is ON) – Set Rail length to preset lengths

Drag End of Rail
– resize and rotate Rail with opposite end as anchor point


Drag Crosshairs
– add/remove pointer to highlighted object

Drag handle
– resize Note using dragged side (only available if Fit Text is off for that Note)


Drag handle
– resize Shape using dragged side

Detail Tables

All details editable in tables:

Plot edit mode

Group detail table
– Name
– Color
– User notes

– Stealth Mode/Bright Mode, invert images in Stealth Mode, render in Stealth Mode
– Exposure units, Plot-specific exposure settings for f-stop calculation
– grid opacity, render, display, units
– Snap on/off, choose snap references
– Pointers: opacity, drag-refreshing on/off, render preference, and label info configuration
– locked objects opacity, render
– null objects render
– opacity for Lift, Rail, Unit nicknames
– opacity for floor plan, Notes, Gels
– Gel display: color or plain
– DMX channels: opacity and display
– overall text size and Floating option

Notes edit mode

– Select All
Note detail table
– Header text
– Body text
Stroke color picker
– Fill color
– Fit text
– Floating size
– X position
– Y position

DMX edit mode

– Select All
Unit DMX detail table
– Nickname
– Channel
– Address
– Address range
– DMX position
– Watts
– Bulbs
– Dimmer
– Description

Lighting edit mode

– Select All
Unit detail table
– Nickname, position, rotation
– Pointer display
– (link) DMX channel
– DMX position
– Beam
– X position
– Y position
– Z position
– Angle
– Mount
– Gels position, floating
(targeted by)
(rigged to)
(rigged objects)
– Description

Rail detail table
– Nickname, position, rotation
Stroke color picker
– X position
– Y position
– Z position
– Length
– Angle
(rigged to)
(rigged objects)
– Description

Lift detail table
– Nickname, position, rotation
– Pointer display
– X position
– Y position
– Z position
– Angle
– Mount
(targeted by)
(rigged to)
(rigged objects)
– Description

Gel detail table
– Nickname, position, rotation
– Similar Gels picker
– Color/transmission
– X position
– Y position
– Z position
– Floating
– Mount
(on Unit), Unit Gels position
– Description

Floor Plan edit mode

– Select All
– Flatten All
Shape detail table
– Shape type (not editable)
Stroke color picker
Fill color picker
– X position
– Y position
– X length
– Y length
– Angle
(rigged to)
(rigged Shapes)

Synced Preferences

Show, Plot sort key
Show, Plot sort order
Show, Plot sort chronology
Date formatting
Locked object opacity
Text label size
Unit, Rail, Lift nickname opacity
Unit DMX label opacity
Floor Plan opacity
Grid opacity
Grid drawing mode
Units of measurement
Render Grid
Render Null objects
DMX Picker editing mode
DMX Address universe notation
Color format (RGBA, hexadecimal, HSBA)
Color presets
Rotate workspace with device

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