New Features   |   Bug Fixes

A couple more bug fixes, and a minor new feature.

New Features

Switch among Objects’ Info details on iPad
When the Info pane is open and a detail table (Gels, Grip, Labels, or DMX) is visible, selecting another Object will display the same detail table for that new Object. For instance, if you’re editing Grip gear on a Unit and you select a Rail, you will immediately see the list of Grip gear for that Rail. Additionally, the Rail’s Info will be substituted for the formerly selected Unit’s info, so navigating back will take you to the Rail’s info as if you navigated through it in the first place.

Note: If the newly selected Object doesn’t support the formerly selected Object’s type of detail (like if you are editing a Unit’s DMX and then select a Rail), the Info pane will navigate to the new Object’s Info table.

Multi-select control colors are more accurate
If Objects whose Primary Labels are all the same are multi-selected, the controls on the bottom will adopt that Label’s color. If there are multiple (or no) Labels represented, the controls will be gray.

Added close button to DMX editor on iPhone
Can close Info pane from DMX editor.

Copied Plots use numbering system
The first copy of “Plot” will be titled Plot copy. After that, the second will be “Plot copy 1,” “Plot copy 2,” and so on.

Bug Fixes

Plot’s background image and rendered image would not transfer to copied Plots
At the point in the method where the images were copied, the new Plot’s inShow property had not been set yet, so the filename was incorrect.

Gels and Grip nicknames display
The tables that showed Gels/Grip were displaying their model, not their nickname. Now, custom names for these objects are shown.

Shared Truck shows changes to Gels/Grip Objects
When changes are made to Gels/Grip model, the Truck changes with it.

No more extra Gel/Grip Objects when migrating from individual to shared Truck
Tweaked migration code to account for Gels and Grip that are tagged on Objects.

Changing DMX Info causes new render
Making changes to a Unit’s DMX info didn’t post the beganEditing notification, which tells the Plot it must re-render before closing.

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