Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Quick bug fix update after major release, and added a feature that I’d wanted to include.


Copy buttons when dragging Plots
The new Show browser allows the user to press and hold a Plot to drag it (or multiple selected Plots) to move them to another Show. Now, while dragging over a Show, a button appears with the Copy symbol, and if the Plots are released over that button, they will be copied to that Show, not moved. The originals will stay where they are, and identical copies will be added to the new Show.

Also, a copy button will appear in the cell of the dragged Plot, allowing the user to quickly make a copy of a Plot within its current Show.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that made the Calculate Image Size table inoperable when using global grid settings

Fixed a problem that prevented creating new Image Shapes

When viewing Plot details in the Plot editor, would not switch to a different table when changing Edit Mode

Fixed a problem with dragging Plots on small-screen devices that do not show the split Show browser