Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Small bug fixes and performance improvements.


Display Preferences
Now all text on the Plot obeys the universal text size multiplier, and also adds the option to turn “Floating Text” on or off. This means that text will not keep itself the same size as you zoom in and out, which can get in the way with more complex Plots. Notes do not follow this rule yet; instead, they can be set on an individual basis. A future version will allow this rule to be applied to any object. The default display preferences have also been modified to optimize Plot zooming and dragging performance.

USITT Curtain Drawing
Improved the sine-wave drawing formula for Curtain objects.

Bug-Fixing Tools
Added new back-end logging to help diagnose and identify actions that lead to crashes.

Bug Fixes

Unit targeting arrow for an object with a different Z-position could be too long

Fixed an issue with Notes’ bottom controls’ alignment

Potential crash while browsing the Crescit LightShop Library

Potential crash while hiding or duplicating multiple objects

Fixed a problem that could prevent Plot information from loading into the Plot Detail table