Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

This version showcases a complete redesign of the Show browser, making it much easier for users to organize their work.


New Show browser
In previous versions, the Show browser displayed a list and its objects’ (Shows or Plots) details side-by-side. Now, it displays Shows on the left, and the selected Show’s Plots on the right. Plots are never displayed in a list; instead, they are shows in a grid view, so it’s easy to see all of their rendered images and tell which is which. Pressing and holding on the title of a Show or a Plot allows the user to edit the text. The user can also change the size of the Plot images using the grid selector in the top left corner of the Plots collection.

The details for Shows and Plots can be changed by tapping the ellipsis button on either, which opens the detail table in a pop-up (modal) view. Here, they can change the title, dates, crew, and description. The Plot detail table is also available in the Plot editor, by tapping the ellipsis button in the top left corner (in Plot edit mode).

Drag Plots
You can still move Plots from one Show to another by tapping the Move button and selecting a new Show, but now, you can do it even more quickly by pressing and dragging on a Plot in the grid view. This will allow you to drop it (or them, if you have multiple Plots selected) into another Show.

Change Split View Border
Now you can drag the handle next to the split view border to change where the split on the screen goes. (The left side can be a minimum of 320px wide, and a maximum of half the screen width.) This can be changed, and will be separately saved on each device, for both the Show browser and the Plot editor. To return to the default setting, tap the handle and then the “auto” menu item.

Swipe to dismiss detail table
In the Plot editor, the drag handle used to be a tap-to-dismiss button. Now that it’s used for dragging the split view border, the user can dismiss a detail table by swiping right-to-left anywhere in the table. (LD will not allow the table to be dismissed while changing the value in a slider cell.)

Dimmer slider
In DMX edit mode, when a Unit is selected it displays a dimmer slider at the bottom of the screen, next to the Channel and Address buttons. The slider now shows the available dimming range in blue and the unavailable in grey, set by changing the min and max properties in the Beam Setup table.

Plot border
Now when the Plot is locked, the border handles disappear, so the border cannot be changed.

Bug Fixes

Selected objects on Plot are deselected before rendering occurs

When rendering an are smaller than the ideal full-res render window, the window resizes down to the actual size of the render (rather than showing empty space)

Render message split into two lines on smaller iPhone screens

Fixed Gel drag re-ordering inaccuracy when rigged to Unit

Fixed a problem calculating Unit beam throw distance based on Plot midtown exposure

Eliminated dark mode prompt when first opening Plot editor, if user has already changed their view mode settings in the Show browser

Fixed a potential crash when opening a locked Plot

Fixed a crash when the Shows table synced while being searched

Fixed a potential crash when rigging a Gel to a Unit while the Gel’s detail table was open