New Features   |   Bug Fixes

This is the last version of Lighting Designer compatible with iOS 5.

Version 1.5.8 fixes a couple bugs and adds minor functions to Floor Plan drawing.

New Features

Flatten your Floor Plan
Once you’re happy with your Floor Plan, you can improve performance by flattening it into a Background Image. Of course, this means it’s no longer editable, but you can draw additions onto it at any time, or use Gap shapes to punch holes. Fewer shapes in the Floor Plan uses less memory and therefore frees it up to add more Units.

Note: The flattening action IS undo-able. If you tap it by accident (or even decide a few moves later that you’d prefer to have the Shapes back), just Undo.

Lines snap to the grid
If the grid is displayed and Snap is enabled, you can draw Line shapes that snap to grid points. This can be very helpful when drawing rooms out of Lines.

Text Shapes stay the same size
If you zoom out far enough, you won’t be able to read Text shapes. Now, they resize when you zoom out, so they stay readable.

Bug Fixes

Background Image would not save changes
If you attempted to add and edit a background image when no Objects had been added to the Plot, the changes would not save. This was a problem with the timing of assigning the Undo Manager to the Plot’s managed object context, which facilitates saving and Undo/Redo functionality.

Shapes could become too big
While not exactly a “bug,” it could still cause a crash. If you made a shape while zoomed out, then zoomed in, that shape could end up much larger than the screen size. When that view got too big, it would require too much memory, and would crash the app. Now, views that are far too large for the screen are not displayed (until you zoom out to see them at a more reasonable size).

To report a bug or request a feature, please Contact the developer