Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Adds full-resolution Plot rendering, plus some other fixes.


Plot Rendering
The Plot Menu now displays a Render Plot button, which in turn gives you the option to Render Full Resolution or Save Screen to Photos. It also accommodates the possibility of memory crashes for very large Plots by allowing you to save each piece of the render to Photos, so you can combine them in an image editing application. Also added a Command-R keyboard shortcut for showing render options. See the Rendering section for more details.

Object Duplication
Duplicated Objects now limit their offset and choose their direction to stay on-screen.

Duplicated Shapes and Notes (the Objects that have a stack order instead of a Z position) now insert just above the original, rather than moving to the top of the stack.

Import Show/Plot
Added a progress bar to Show/Plot import view, and got rid of a rogue page indicator.

Bug Fixes

When DMX Conflict Warning is turned on or off, Units refresh their display