Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Adds custom Unit Role feature.


Unit Role
Previously, LD would only prompt you to set the “Role” of a Unit immediately after you had targeted another Object, and you could only view and change that Role in the Unit’s detail table while it was still targeting. You could also only choose among “key,” “fill,” and “back” as your options, or nothing at all. Now, you can type a Role to be any name you like, and can change it at any time on any Unit, from the Plot, detail table, or Patch table. See the Units section for more details.

Render Pieces
LD turns on “Save Full Res Pieces to Photos” option if your app crashes during a full-res render, but you can also turn it on and off in the Display Settings table. Now LD remembers whether it was turned on automatically or manually, and won’t disable it if you’ve specifically enabled it.

Image loading
The Show Detail and Plots table views could potentially load a lot of images into scrolling rows, and with full-res rendering, they’re frequently doing thumbnail downsizing. Implemented “lazy loading” methods to reduce UI choppiness.

Improved “zoom to fit”

Changed Shape, Note, and Rail resize handle color to blue

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that would cause LD to show a blank Show Detail view when opened on iPhone