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Smart Invert
iOS 11 features its own “dark mode,” which inverts colors on the screen. LD now ignores that mode and you can select Bright or Stealth mode just for LD.

Change the Model property for multi-selected objects as long as they are the same type

Always Display Floor Plan
New user preference to “always display” floor plan makes your shapes and images always visible despite any Hide or Solo settings on objects.

Objects that are added to Favorites now include Gels and Grip gear, if they have it.

Group Color
If an Object’s stroke color is determined by a Primary Group, its stroke color button displays a star and the Group’s color. You can change the group color using the color picker.

Swapping a Unit now keeps the same DMX channel and address.

New Objects

Set Wall
Displays jacks and 4-foot or 1-meter segments, and other objects can be rigged to it like a Rail.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where imported Plots would appear blank (Plot export was not affected, so files sent with v3.3.4 should be import-able)
Problem adding some Gels to Plot, and missing some Gels or Shapes when copying a Plot
Possible crash when rotating iPhone with Plot open
Save Image function would not match screen frame
Possible issue attaching images to emails
Possible crash when de-rigging Lift from Rail in detail table
Possible problem saving Plot render to device Photos
Potential issue when choosing “Cancel” if prompted to try restoring an older backup
Possible problem when assigning DMX address if none existed before
Problem with flattening floor plan
Problem turning on Truck Auto-Manage
Changing object Y position by entering a number with the keyboard would invert its value