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Crescit is an online lighting database company that has partnered with Lighting Designer to allow in-app access to its enormous lighting library. With a Crescit Premium account, users can log in through LD and add over 25,000 new lighting fixtures, gel filters, and gobo patterns to their Plots. For more info, check out the Crescit LightShop Library page.

Ensembles is a Core Data syncing framework, developed by Drew McCormack to sync among devices using the user’s iCloud storage. His active support and communication mean that LD’s syncing abilities will always be up to date with the latest operating system.

Google Firebase
Whenever your app crashes, this built-in framework will send me a notification and a detailed report, so I can always see any problems that are occurring. This saves time and effort for everyone; you don’t have to retrieve your device’s crash logs, and I don’t have to wait until you get annoyed and contact me. If we’re lucky, I’ll have the bug fixed and the update submitted before you personally encounter the problem.

Firebase also collects user behaviors, like creating Plots and changing settings. This allows me to see how features are getting used, and what might need improvement. No user personal data is collected in this process (or ever).

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