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Lighting Designer v3.2 updates the app for iOS 11, taking advantage of new frameworks and also making design improvements.

Lighting Fixtures

Retina Display
All of LD’s Inventory objects are now ready for any device with any pixel density. Every single object has been re-designed in vector format for the most crisp and beautiful Plots possible.

Stroke and Fill
Now, change the colors of your Units and Lifts just like you’ve been able to do with Notes and Shapes.

For an even finer degree of control, each object can now have its opacity set individually (which is multiplied by Group and Type opacity values).

New Objects

USITT Objects
For the purists, the new USITT category features industry-standard object symbols.

Arri Skypanel S360
Bug-A-Beam 1600
PAR 16
LED Tubes
Kino Single Tubes

Person: Child

For a complete list of included objects, check out the Inventory.


More and more, people want to define their type of gear more specifically, so they change its Nickname. Now, this Nickname appears in more places (like the gear list and Object tables), so you can communicate your intentions more clearly.
Note: because of this adjustment, your Truck may not show a completely accurate gear list. Cycling “Share Truck” should fix this.

DMX Display
Units with Channel Range values of 0 will still display their values on the Plot, but if a DMX address is patched into more than one channel, it appears in a red warning color. Sort and order DMX units in Units and Patch tables, and separate sections for patched and unpatched Units helps with clarity and performance.

Gels that are on Units now behave like Unit text labels, allowing orientation, matched rotation, and a new text-only display that helps save space. The Gels & Diffusion category of the Inventory is also higher on the list, in the Lighting section, for easier access.

Unit wattage options are displayed as single-bulb values, rather than total, for easier comprehension.

Search Objects
Lists of Objects, Units, Notes, Shapes, and Groups are now searchable.

Object Selection
Fine-tuned Plot objects’ touch-responsiveness to make it easier to select individual objects.

Rail resizing
When dragging a Rail’s endpoint, you can now snap that point to the grid or rig the Rail onto a Lift (handy for drawing the new USITT boom bases). Also, if a Rail is rigged to a Lift, all adjustments will reflect that relationship; for instance, a Rail rigged to a boom base by one endpoint will rotate and scale around that endpoint if those actions are performed.

Color Picker
Added an HSV picker option that displays hue on the x-axis and saturation/brightness on the y-axis, so you can pick colors without multiple sliders.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Added shortcuts for closing the Plot, switching edit mode, rotating objects, and controlling the new color picker. (See the Reference page for more info.)

Recent Objects
Increased number of stored recent objects from 20 to 30.

User Manual
Updated from UIWebView to WKWebView for faster browsing, better cache.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that could, in a very specific circumstance, create a very large undo group containing many user actions, resulting in potential loss of work if Undo is tapped.

Gels in Email
Gels were listed redundantly in gear list.

DMX Display
When first assigning Channels, label might not appear on Plot

Review prompt
Fixed a bug that would attempt to prompt for a review in the background, causing a crash.