New Features   |   Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

New Features

Show and Plot files
Email your Shows and Plots to other LD users, or store them in a file-sharing app like Dropbox or Google Drive, and import them to your database on any other iOS device using LD. Files use the proprietary .ldshow and .ldplot extensions.

Archive Show
You can “archive” a Show to save space on your device. This will delete the Show’s Plots’ rendered images and hide the Show from your list, but you can always view your archived Shows and open their Plots normally.

Pointers and Beam spread
On your Plots, view the beam spread of your Units, and arrows to indicate which Units are targeting others, with fully configurable information (channel, nickname, distance) and the option to display when selected, when rendering, never, or always.

Nudge objects
If you have a hardware keyboard connected to your iOS device, use the arrow keys to make fine position adjustments to your Plot objects, rather than using a drag gesture or the detail table.


Choose what your Plot objects snap to when dragged, with a clearer display of what it is they’re doing while you drag.

Browser multi-select
Select multiple Shows or Plots to perform certain actions on.

Show/Plot title
Press and hold a Show or Plot row to edit its title without displaying its detail table.

If Sync is enabled, use the ubiquitous pull-to-refresh gesture to trigger a sync manually.

Plot detail table options
Delete or send an object to the Truck using a swipe gesture or buttons at the bottom of its detail table.

Image format
Save images in PNG instead of JPEG format, for better quality

Bug Fixes

Could not send an email with no Plot images attached

Object resizing
Various fixes to Shape and Note resizing

Stroke width
Removed Stroke Width stepper control from color picker for objects with no Stroke