|   Bug Fixes

This version features a full overhaul and expansion of the Snap system, plus other improvements and bug fixes.


In prior versions, snap was calculated by comparing the center point of the moved object to the center points of all other objects, plus the grid points. This is still true for center-based objects like Units, Lifts, and Gels, but now Rails and some Shapes that have multiple control points (left, right, top, bottom, and sometimes corners), also factor into these calculations.

Snap Menu
In Plot edit mode, you can still toggle Snap on and off by the button in the top bar; in any edit mode, you can toggle it on and off by double-tapping on the workspace with two fingers. However, there’s also the new Snap button that appears next to the Stealth button in the lower left corner of the screen in all edit modes except Plot. See the Snap section for more details.

Shapes Snap
Shapes display their rig points when rigged to. Line shapes can rig to each other’s ends, and display a seamless joint when rigged that way. Lines that are rigged between two other objects will stretch to stay connected when one of those objects is moved. Door shapes now show as opened 90º, and door and window shapes can now display multiple doors and window panes in one object.

Objects text labels
If objects’ text labels are hidden, they will display when selected so you can see the nickname and DMX channel, if applicable.

Objects Rig
Objects will revert to their original stroke and fill colors if they’re dragged over a potential rigging object but not dropped. If they’re dropped onto it and your finger comes off the screen, they will fully adopt the colors.

Group assignment
Each object’s detail table now has a row for Choose Groups, which displays a list of all Groups in the Plot and allows you to quickly add, remove, and assign Primary Group for any object. The color button at the bottom also no longer shows the Primary Group color, because the object stroke color is not determined by the Primary Group (only the text labels color).

iPhone X
Plot editor displays properly on iPhone X screen in portrait orientation, showing the full width of the screen and giving LD the priority over system gestures like swiping up from the bottom. It also keeps action buttons closer to the bottom of the screen despite the home indicator.

Table View Cells
The stepper cell now adjusts its text size to avoid truncating the value (which was especially visible in the Beam Setup table).

Crescit Account Login
The Crescit Account login screen now accepts iCloud saved passwords.

Bug Fixes

Got rid of repeated asking for “Permission to look user up by email” (although I still suggest accepting)

Fixed layout for modal views like Snap Menu and DMX Picker on iPhones without home buttons

Fixed problem with selecting and deselecting multiple objects

Fixed problem changing beam spread on Crescit fixtures

Fixed problem typing Lux or Foot-candle values in Beam Setup Table

Fixed crash when changing FPS or changing between shutter angle/shutter speed in Beam Setup table

Fixed problem selecting and moving Shapes: Line, Window, Distance

Shapes table now displays Hide/Solo/Lock values properly (was truncating to … instead of showing full values)

Window shapes were drawing incorrectly