Bug Fixes

Bug fixes and UI tweaks.

Bug Fixes

Delete text Shape
Crash when deleting text Shape if detail table is open.

Template Date
Templates should not have shoot dates.

Background Image
Changing bg image doesn’t force a re-render of the Plot when closed.

Select All
Tapping Select All in the Objects table shows more selections than are on the Plot.

Plot Lock
Objects would still be selectable if the Plot was opened when already locked.

Drag Multi Objects
Units would animate oddly when being dragged if they were targeting another object that was being dragged.

Resize Shape
If either the X or Y dimension of a Shape reaches its minimum, the Shape will stop resizing. Shapes can be set to negative sizes by entering a number in the detail table. Rigged Shapes are not positioned correctly when a Shape is resized or rotated.

Delete Text Shape
App would crash if Text Shape was deleted while its detail table was open.

Adding a Primary Label to an Object in the multi-selected Objects table doesn’t add that Label to the Object.

Navigation logic
Re-wrote pop and push logic for Objects detail navigation.

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