New Features   |   Bug Fixes

Version 1.5.7 improves zooming and scrolling.

New Features

Made zooming and scrolling smoother
The expanded zooming and scrolling feature used a drag-to-refresh-style UI in which the workpace needed to be dragged or pinched past a certain threshold, then released for the view to change. Ultimately, this was cumbersome. In this version, there are no symbols indicating that the threshold is near; just drag or pinch and the workspace will refresh itself when it has to.

Bug Fixes

Units rigged on Rails
When Units were rigged close together on a Rail, attempting to select one of the Units would often result in the Rail being selected, even if the Rail was locked.

Shape size label rotation
When Shapes are selected in Floor Plan editing mode, they display their size. This size label is programmed to auto-rotate itself when the device rotates, so it stays readable to the user, but in some cases its rotation would be incorrect.

In addition, doors and windows’ size labels would rotate incorrectly when snapping to walls.

Dragging Rails quickly could cause their rigged Units to jump
When a Rail is selected and dragged quickly, its rigged Units are offset slightly from their original positions. New fix prevents this, and also safeguards against Units that may otherwise become incorrectly aligned.

Network settings
In previous versions, if the User Guide was opened and there was no network connection, LD would give the option to open Network Settings on the device. This was actually a private API in iOS 5 which was available by accident, and has been eliminated in iOS 6. Now, the only options are to “Try Again,” which attempts to load the page again, or “Cancel,” which closes the User Guide.

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