Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Undo/Redo Issue
If an Object is deleted, then that is undone, the Object re-creates its view controller. However, if the deletion is then re-done, the view controller is not removed from the workspace. If it is tapped, a crash occurs. Added new code to ensure orphaned view controllers are removed.

Rail resizing
With Apple’s new compiler, primitive number types are treated differently. When the Rail View Controller was building an array of possible sizes, it was sometimes attempting to increment by 0.5, but since the type was an integer, it rounded down to 0, and the for loop would race until the device ran out of memory. This affected the iPad 2, iPad Mini, and iPhone 5.

Label assignment
Re-wrote code to add Labels to multi-selected Objects.

An improperly modified string could cause a crash when opening the Inventory to execute a swap.

When the Inventory was opened and a Gel was selected, it would not enable the Add to Unit button, even if a Unit was selected.

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