Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Adds Plot border options, plus bug fixes.


Plot Borders
The Plot editor now shows you exactly where your full-resolution image will render. You can set a border width, color, and inset from the edge, and you can let LD calculate the placement, or set the borders yourself.

You can also choose whether you only see the border in Plot edit mode, or in all of them (you will only be able to change its properties in Plot edit mode).

See the Borders section for more details.

Browser images
Plot images in the Show browser now use thumbnail versions. All those high-res images do add up!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem where a duplicated Plot would not copy the original’s exposure settings

Fixed a crash after setting a Plot Object’s opacity

Fixed a problem with sending LD to the background while loading a Plot

Fixed a potential crash setting up Show dates display