Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Another small improvement and some bug fixes.


Plot editor keystrokes
Added Command – and + to zoom in and out on a Plot.

Cmd-0 (zero) zooms in to full resolution, and Cmd-9 zooms to fit all objects on the Plot.

Changed “Lock Plot” keystroke to Cmd-Shift-L.

Removed the feature showing the user’s iCloud account name in the sync menu, which displayed an alert about other people being able to “look you up by email” (which was misleading about how LD used the information).

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug drawing Rail rig points with global grid units

Rails would not respond to changes in Plot font

Fixed a bug where a Unit might still auto-focus if its target is deleted

Fixed a potential crash when duplicating an object with Snap on and detail table open, then moving it

Fixed a bug that prevented Option-Right Arrow from rotating a selected object

Fixed a bug that caused Notation units (circle, square, triangle, star) to have their properties set to defaults when LD was quit and restarted