New Units   |   New Rails   |   New Features   |   Bug Fixes

Version 1.5.6 fixes several bugs that resulted from the zooming feature added in v1.5.5, and adds a couple helpful features and new Units.

New Units

– Beam Projectors: 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k tungsten, 1.2k, 2.5k, 4k, 12k HMI
– Soft Lights: 2.5k, 5k tungsten
– Pin Spot
– LED Brick: Could represent Litepanels brick, VidPro, or any other small LED

New Rails

– Seamless: this paper roll is resizable just like a rail. In a near future version you’ll be able to assign a color.

New Features

Added Undo and Redo buttons to Floor Plan and Background Image editing
In previous versions, changes to the Floor Plan (shapes) were undo-able, but you’d have to tap the checkmark and exit drawing mode to access the Undo and Redo buttons. And changes to the Background Image were only undo-able as a block. Not terribly efficient. Now, every change you make is registered as an undo-able action, and can be undone and redone immediately.

Changed “Saving” to “Rendering” in the Plot closing window
Lighting Designer saves every single change you make, so there’s never any need to press a Save button. However, using “Saving” to indicate that the app was creating an image misled some users to think that Plots are only saved once you close them, leaving their work in jeopardy until then. I’ve changed the term to “Rendering” to give a more accurate and reassuring impression of what the app is actually doing: taking a snapshot of your Plot so it can be emailed to your crew.

When a Rail is selected, rigged Units lock
This has actually been the case since version 1.0, but in this version, the rigged Units turn translucent, to indicate visually that they’re locked and to allow you to see the end of the Rail through the Unit.

Nicknames and Notes back in Equipment List
In early preparation for a new Plot exporting utility (for a future version), I’d taken these properties out of the equipment list, and forgot to put them back in. They’re back now!

Notes adjust their size based on zoom
It can be difficult to read a Note if it’s small due to a large Plot. Now, Notes stay readable at any zoom level.

Bug Fixes

Workspace zooming
When you pinch the workspace, LD determines if you are trying to zoom, or move an object (since one finger could be over a Unit or Rail). After adding the new Rail resize-from-the-end controls in v1.5.5, it was possible for this decision to be bypassed, and the Rail would attempt to resize itself without permission from the workspace, which would cause a crash.

Floor Plan text jump
When resizing a Text Shape in the Floor Plan, the Shape would jump a small distance as soon as the resizing handle was released.

Rigged Unit jump
When resizing a Rail by one of its ends, Rigged Units could jump to different positions at the beginning of the gesture.

Background Image bugs
There were unlikely situations where a Background Image would not appear once the Plot was closed and re-opened. After the retooling of Undo and Redo functionality for Background Images, I believe these problems have been eliminated.

To report a bug or request a feature, please Contact the developer