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The Crescit LightShop Library is an online database of lighting equipment, first made available in LD v3.3. You must have a Crescit Premium account and be connected to the internet to use this service.


If you already have an account, just go to add an object like usual, then tap the Account row at the top to sign in. If you don’t have a Crescit account, you can create one by tapping the Create Account row, or create an account here. Once you create your Standard account, you will need to upgrade to Premium to gain access to the library through LD.

Lighting Fixture

Currently available: 17689 fixtures

Lighting fixtures are sorted by manufacturer and category, and correspond to the Unit object on your Plots. Each fixture has a default nickname and description, which you can choose to adopt by tapping on them in the creation table (blue means you’re using it).

Many fixtures also include photometric data like beam spread and light output, which allows for exposure estimates. They can also include a selection of DMX profiles, electrical information, IP rating, bulb info, and size and weight. Not all of this information is currently used in LD, but may be in the future.

Once added to your Plot, a Fixture is a Unit, for all intents and purposes. It can be targeted, rigged, assigned a DMX address, and have its colors changed.

Note: at the moment, some Crescit fixtures do not have the necessary information for displaying a fill color. You can assign separate Stroke colors for Bright and Stealth Modes, which amounts to the same thing, but the middle of the fixture will be clear. As of v3.3.6, LD code supports fill color, and Crescit are in the process of updating their data.

Gel Filter

Currently available: 2615 gels

Gels are also sorted by manufacturer and category, and display their colors in the list as well as on their creation table. Each of them has a transmission value, and works just like the existing built-in LD Inventory Gels.

Gobo Pattern

Currently available: 15883 gobos

Gobos are sorted the same as Fixtures and Gels, and display their images in the list. Their creation table shows a gobo’s material and available sizes.

Report Issue

At the bottom of every creation table for a Fixture, Gel, or Gobo, there is an option to Report Issue. If you think there is incorrect or missing information, tap this and on the next table, pick an issue type and describe it as best you can. These reports are sent directly to Crescit with all the information they need to fix the problem as fast as possible.

Note: Not all fixtures have values for every info field, especially discontinued ones. Please exercise restraint when reporting issues.


In your Crescit Account table, you can choose whether or not to cache your Crescit results. When you do, your device will save the results of every list you look at, and update them every time you look at them. This means that you can use the Library offline, to a certain extent; you’ll only be able to see what you’ve already seen. It will also make tables load immediately, instead of waiting for your network connection, so it helps with a faster workflow.

Cached results are never synced to other devices, and if you turn off the cache, all your saved information will be removed. This does not mean any of your Plots will be affected, only that the saved lists will be deleted. You can rebuild your cache by turning it back on and browsing the Library.

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