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Crescit fill color
Fixtures in the Crescit LightShop Library now support fill color, which will be rolled out gradually across the database as individual objects are updated.

Object Layout Progress
When a Plot is opened, objects are laid out one-by-one, with a completion percentage displayed.

Unit color
Units’ beams and target pointers use stroke color instead of grey.

Table search
Table search results are kept until the user cancels the search or dismisses the table, so you can hide the keyboard or select one of its rows without losing your search results.

Objects search
The Objects table is now searchable by DMX channel and address.

Plot import
It’s no longer necessary to add an imported Plot to an existing Show; if no Show is selected, a new Show called “Imported Plot” will be created that contains only the imported Plot.

Sync suspension
On older devices with less memory, LD will automatically suspend iCloud syncing while a Plot is open and being edited. All changes are still saved locally, and when the Plot is closed, the device will sync.

New Objects

Dana Dolly Track

Bug Fixes

Note detail table didn’t respond to changes on Plot
More memory-efficient Notes (pointer layers control their size to stay as small as possible)
Potential problem importing Shows
Possible crash when selecting searched Inventory object
Stealth Mode now turns off for flattening Shapes (would result in color-inverted images)