Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Expands Note functions


Note Style
Notes now have the ability to include images from your device. They can be arranged around the body text, by themselves, or hidden. The ratio between the image and text can also be adjusted to taste.

Notes also have three border options: rounded corners (the only previous option), square corners, and no borders.

Notes’ resize handles have also been updated to match the Plot border behavior: when the Note is auto-sizing, the handles are grey, and when it’s being manually sized, the handles are blue. Tapping a handle allows you to switch back and forth between auto and manual, without opening the detail table.

User Guide
Now on devices with smaller screens, like iPhone, the User Guide hides its toolbars when scrolling, so you can read more text on the screen. A floating close button appears in the top left corner.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that would cause LD to show a blank Show Detail view when opened on iPhone