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Add objects to your list of Favorites from everywhere: LD Inventory, Crescit LightShop Library, and existing Plot or Truck objects

Customize your favorites with descriptions, and the new “model” name, which allows more specificity and better sorting than “nickname” alone when defining your fixture type

Changed the Favorites icon from a star to a heart, to avoid mixing it up with Primary Labels


New auto-manage feature keeps your Truck perfectly up-to-date with all your Show or Plot items

Turning auto-manage off gives you complete control over the numbers of objects in the Truck, and will warn you if you have more items on your Plot than you have in the Truck

Trucks use the new “model” property to sort and display numbers of items

Customize which types of objects you include in your gear list emails


More choices and better organization of Unit pointer information

Bug Fixes

Crescit “Manage Account” button did not open page
Problem dimming certain Units
Potential issue when re-trying to Restore Backup
Potential problem deleting Shows
Problem focusing Unit on some other objects
Possible crash when importing a .ldshow file from a newer version of LD to an older one
Problem copying objects to clipboard if they have Grip gear