Improvements   |   Bug Fixes

Quick update to patch a bug, plus some new UI elements


Show & Plot Browser
Now that Apple has released its SF Symbols collection, LD is starting to adopt those to help foster consistency among apps’ user experiences. Cell swipe actions use the standard square-on-square symbol for Copy, trash can for Delete, and so on.

Now, you can also lock a Plot by swiping its row, tapping the lock on its image in the Show Detail, or tapping the lock on the image in the Plot Detail.

Made cosmetic improvements to Crew Picker and Date Picker, plus allow custom crew positions.

Made improvements to Show picker (for moving or importing a Plot). The table for selecting a new Show now opens in a modal form sheet, rather than in the root Shows list in the split view.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that could prevent users from adding an Image Shape

Fixed a problem with re-ordering the stack of Shapes and Notes, which could result in crashes when performing Undo and Redo actions later

Crew position picker and date picker had white backgrounds in dark mode, making their contents impossible to read

Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if attempting to edit a Crew Member with no name