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New Features

Gels and Gobos on your Plot
You’ve always been able to add Gels to Units, but now they display on the Plot (even independently of Units). Choose whether to “float” the size like a Note, and whether to attach to a Unit or position independently. Pick a custom color for a Gel not included in the Inventory, or select an image from your device’s Photos to add a Gobo. Gels can also be added to Groups, used as snap reference points, and easily assigned to new Units by dragging from the Objects table.

Easier searching in the Inventory allows you to find your Gel quickly, filtering by manufacturer and displaying color. Once added to the Plot, a Gel’s detail table also suggests similar Gels based on color and transmission, and displays approximate light loss in percentage and stops.

New Objects

Rosco and GAM gel inventory


Objects detail
Instead of grouped by type, each object in the Objects table is now listed individually and color-coded to match its workspace display. Single-object detail tables get a section for their Groups near the bottom, and position controls for different labels (nickname, channel, Gels) are now next to what they control. Multi-object tables get Delete and Send to Truck buttons. Objects’ “User Notes” get renamed to “Description” to avoid confusion with Notes relationships. The Truck table also gets simplified to show all object types in one list.

Objects only snap to visible grid lines, with better illustration of what it is actually snapping to.

If the grid is off, the Plot shows a scale in the upper left while zooming.

Fine tweaks to color contrast settings to improve visibility of text.

Note drawing
Changed width of border and pointer to 1px to maintain consistency with other Plot objects

App Store Review
Implemented Apple’s new App Store Review protocol

Bug Fixes

Show & Plot tables
Could show incorrect network connection status

Unit pointers wouldn’t react to display changes until Unit was re-selected
Pointer labels wouldn’t auto-rotate with device or react to changes in Hide/Solo of target

Unit DMX Channel
Fixed display logic

Text Shape
Could not edit text in detail table

Gear List
Fixed redundancies in gear list generated for entire Show