New Features   |   Bug Fixes

New Features

Objects return to original rotation
If an Object is dragged over another Object to which it can rig, the first Object will adopt the second Object’s rotation. However, if it’s not actually rigged, it will now return to its original rotation once it’s no longer over the second Object. (Sounds complicated, but makes sense in practice.)

Bug Fixes

Transfer of rendered images when Plot is moved to a new Show
The Plot copy function was renaming image files before the new Show name was set.

Shape Manipulation
One problem with a Shape not saving its new center point if an edge was dragged caused multiple other problems with Shape resizing, especially when zoomed out.

Some Objects could be moved when Locked
Rotation gesture on the workspace could still rotate a locked Object.

Could not delete multi-selected objects
Objects were not being added to the objectsToDelete NSSet, and were therefore not deleted.

Background Image
Numerical adjustment in the detail table was not working properly. Labels:
The labelsForObject table was not quite functioning properly. Now it can remove Labels, and the Plot’s deselectAll method will set selectedLabel to nil, preventing the selection of extra Objects.

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